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Andreas Klippe

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Here’s what people say about Andreas Klippe

“We have been producing technical equipment for flood protection since 1990 – and now also in Southeast Asia for the Asian market. My medium-sized company itself is not that big. But we have about 100 employees working for us worldwide. And for such an SME, “asia4winners” is a perfect fit. The products “Made in Germany” have been sold in 27 countries so far. In Asia, we have already had our first great successes. Thanks to “asia4winners”, we are excellently positioned for the future and can look forward to the economic development in Europe with confidence.”

Rainer Stepanek

Founder and Managing Director (Owner)
RS Stepanek KG

“It was through Dr. Klippe that I first got the idea of doing business in Asia. The discussions helped me a lot to assess the market in Asia solidly and realistically. This concerns cultural aspects as well as time structures and the effort required to successfully enter the Asian market.”

Andreas Mertens

Founder and Managing Director (Owner)
Avameo GmbH

“Our headquarters is in Hesse, but our electronic circuit boards travel worldwide to more than 14 countries. In the past, it could take you 10 or 15 years to grow slowly but surely. But today’s globalized, fast-paced world doesn’t allow that at all. That’s where the “asia4winners” method comes in. It enables medium-sized German companies to enter the Southeast Asian market in a targeted manner. After all, the aim is to keep costs under control and still build up a powerful business partner and sales network. We recognized the growing potential in good time and outsourced our entire PCB production to the Far East. Today, after 25 years, we enjoy the benefits of an effective network of fair business partners and innovative local production facilities in Asia.”

Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich G. Keth

Founder and Managing Director (Owner)
P.M.C. Leiterplatten Technology GmbH

“ Thanks to Andi and your team for the successful presentation this morning in our Southeast Asia group meeting. We really appreciate it.”

JIANG Fenghui, PhD Eng.

Vice President, Chief Engineer
FM Global Asia Operation

“Dr. Andreas Klippe beautifully explained about the organization details, the real installation, and the experiences of other clients from other countries. That time, we thought that we should definitely contact Flood Control Asia [RS Corp] so that we can get better products and services.”

Vandan Sathe

General Manager
Sandvik Asia

“Thank you Dr. Klippe. It was a wonderful presentation. I hope that we have a long cooperation in the future.”

Francis Zhang

Department Head China Operation
FM Global, China

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