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How to get past the many pitfalls on the way to a successful flood protection and successful business between Europe and Asia

So you are interested in Doing Business in Asia.

Do you know this too? When curiosity wins out.

It used to be said that everything in Asia is backward. The Chinese …

But those Chinese have meanwhile built the world’s largest subway network in Shanghai, with 364 stations and 588 kilometers. They laid 5,000 kilometers of railroad tracks through icy, mountainous terrain all the way to Tibet, built a manned space station and finally put “Germany’s own” maglev train on its tracks.

And what about Singapore – thanks to the wisdom of its founder and long-time president Lee Kuan Yew it has a higher gross national product than Germany!

Or do you still think of inferior mass-produced goods from the junk factories in Bangladesh, China, India or Vietnam?

It is always surprising how medium-sized companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, despite their excellent products, do not manage to buildprofitable businesses in Asia on a long-term basis. In most cases, the winner is a “bargain basement supplier” with an inferior product range.

I would like to share with you how I managed to build a flood protection company in Asia from scratch. We now have 43 employees, and we receive orders from a wide range of Asian countries.

Has your curiosity kept you reading this far? Then follow me to Asia. I will tell you what you should not do and what you should definitely do.


Do your homework first before you run off.

Ingrid Heinz


“Give entrepreneurs and practitioners inspiration and enthusiasm about Asia”

It is fun to speak in front of interested people, be that in a seminar room, on a large stage or in a Zoom session, as we had to during the pandemic.

To see how skeptical people are at the beginning, then how they are slowly getting interested, and then finally there is a lively discussion, that makes for a great show.

When an affair of the heart becomes a vocation, the audience will feel it.

It doesn’t always have to be serious, either. In Vietnam someone once said to me, “You Germans are not like that.” He meant “you’re supposed to be grouchy” and always concentrated on work – but I had brought my guitar to the stage. It was a nice compliment.

I will gladly share with you in my presentations what else you can do to get similar compliments in Asia. But most of all, I will tell you how to make a company successful from nothing in 8 countries and how to pay the salaries of 43 employees every month.

Insights into a Life on Stage:


In book stores from February 2023

Catastrophic Floods can Occur Everywhere
Happiness and sadness from Sydney, Singapore, Dubai, Venice, Berlin to San Francisco
Experience reports from all over the world

From the blurb
We still remember the most recent catastrophic flood that affected an area not far from us, wherever we are. But was it really that bad? How does it look in other parts of the world? How are people and governments there dealing with the ever-increasing rain? What sometimes curious solutions are being used in Asia to cope with flooding?

In his book focusing on floods, Andreas Klippe tells in an entertaining way how people behave in a “flood” crisis and contrasts different cultures and regions.


… In Asia, we have already had our first major successes. Thanks to “asia4winners,” we are well-positioned for the future and can look forward calmly to economic development in Europe.

Rainer Stepanek

Founder and Managing Director (Owner)
RG Stepanek KG, Limburb, Deutschland

You own/manage an SME? This one’s for you:

Winning Customers in Asia. A Script in 10 Modules.

The controlled move to Asia will enable you to achieve more than one goal in life and to join the club of visionary entrepreneurs.

  1. Are you a service-oriented medium-sized entrepreneur who wants to build a future-proof business in Asia?

    Do you wish you had …

    … a management team that goes along and sets the whole team “right” for the “Asian adventure”?


    … a system that enables targeted market access and subsequently sales management in different countries?

    … knowledge about the different Asian markets, countries, regions, cultures?

  2. You are rather unfamiliar with the new marketplace in Asia
    … don’t know how it works in detail?
    … don’t know the local margins?
    … don’t know the hidden costs?
    … don’t know how corruption works in the countries there?
    … don’t know how far the competition’s efforts have come to be active in Asia and to gain a foothold there?
  3. And now you’re wondering …

    … will that be just another one of those self-proclaimed experts who will only cost my money in the end?

    … how to find the right consultant, coach, friend, who helps you in the Asian business among a multitude of offers?

    … whether you can afford the growth in Asia at all?

    … whether you or your heirs will be able to maintain your standard of living in 10, 20 or 30 years?

Then take a look for free and hear how I did it in 2014, out of nowhere, up close and personal with the termites in the factory floor, always keeping an eye on the cockroaches and losing sight of the budget?

These tips were made for you.

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Quick information on doing business in Asia:

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A new book for your success in Asia 

DR. FLOOD reveals:

10 Myths About How To Protect Your Homes Against FLOODING

Save money and end up in the mud

10 Myths On How to Find Successful Distributors In Asia

They weigh on your budget and will keep you from being successful in Asia!


Selling, Manufacturing, Out-Sourcing in Asia

The Blog about “Opening Doors for You in Asia”

It’s been online for years, but it is still up to date.

For all those who are annoyed by the fact that supposedly weaker products in Asia prevail over our high-quality products from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and we lose out.

About Andreas Klippe

“My company uses German engineering to provide flood protection for people in Asia. Built to last for 100 years.”

I appreciate people who are convinced that a climate change-adapted design for flood protection can counteract the increasing floods. As a German engineer, it is my duty to provide them with the best possible and safest protection.

We have developed a concept that protects buildings against flood damage for up to 100 years. With German technology. Used thousands of times in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in 31 other countries.

My path took me to Asia in 2007. I like to share the experience I gained there as an entrepreneur. You can follow me in presentations, blog posts or books.

I will talk about termites, mosquitoes, hatched duck eggs, which are considered a delicacy in the Philippines, about happy people even in the greatest misfortune, about aching feet in high heels at trade fairs in Kuala Lumpur, about successful business deals and how it all came about. And about …

But that will be going too far..

Stay safe and dry above the high-water-mark!

The secret of flood protection “Quality Made in Germany”, in use throughout Asia.

Don’t spend your money on remodeling or replacing

95% of all buildings can be protected against flooding.

This is a dream come-true. In 1990, Rainer Stepanek invented modern flood protection in Limburg, Germany. Meanwhile this method has been extended to more than 65,000 doorways, garage doors, factory gates, subway tunnels and aircraft hangars that are now protected in this way.

People can use the money they saved to go on nice trips, buy a new car, finance a good education for their child or simply give their partner a nice gift out of gratitude.

It is our claim to help people. Entrepreneurs protect their business, politicians and administrators protect critical infrastructure, you and I protect our homes, garages and lovingly tended gardens. Architects and civil engineers ensure that climate change-adapted flood protection – “Quality Made in Germany” is properly designed and installed in your home.

I am proud to be a part of this movement and to help people in Asia live a better life.


I will help you
with your business in Asia.

This is how you can contact me:

  1. You can write me an email:
  2. You can call me in my German office:
    +49 6081 68 71 95
  3. You can even write me a letter:
    Dr. Andreas Klippe
    An der Ruhbank 24-26
    61250 Usingen

Here’s what people say about Andreas Klippe

“We have been producing technical equipment for flood protection since 1990 – and now also in Southeast Asia for the Asian market. My medium-sized company itself is not that big. But we have about 100 employees working for us worldwide. And for such an SME, “asia4winners” is a perfect fit. The products “Made in Germany” have been sold in 27 countries so far. In Asia, we have already had our first great successes. Thanks to “asia4winners”, we are excellently positioned for the future and can look forward to the economic development in Europe with confidence.”

Rainer Stepanek

Founder and Managing Director (Owner)
RS Stepanek KG

“It was through Dr. Klippe that I first got the idea of doing business in Asia. The discussions helped me a lot to assess the market in Asia solidly and realistically. This concerns cultural aspects as well as time structures and the effort required to successfully enter the Asian market.”

Andreas Mertens

Founder and Managing Director (Owner)
Avameo GmbH

“Our headquarters is in Hesse, but our electronic circuit boards travel worldwide to more than 14 countries. In the past, it could take you 10 or 15 years to grow slowly but surely. But today’s globalized, fast-paced world doesn’t allow that at all. That’s where the “asia4winners” method comes in. It enables medium-sized German companies to enter the Southeast Asian market in a targeted manner. After all, the aim is to keep costs under control and still build up a powerful business partner and sales network. We recognized the growing potential in good time and outsourced our entire PCB production to the Far East. Today, after 25 years, we enjoy the benefits of an effective network of fair business partners and innovative local production facilities in Asia.”

Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich G. Keth

Founder and Managing Director (Owner)
P.M.C. Leiterplatten Technology GmbH

“ Thanks to Andi and your team for the successful presentation this morning in our Southeast Asia group meeting. We really appreciate it.”

JIANG Fenghui, PhD Eng.

Vice President, Chief Engineer
FM Global Asia Operation

“Dr. Andreas Klippe beautifully explained about the organization details, the real installation, and the experiences of other clients from other countries. That time, we thought that we should definitely contact Flood Control Asia [RS Corp] so that we can get better products and services.”

Vandan Sathe

General Manager
Sandvik Asia

“Thank you Dr. Klippe. It was a wonderful presentation. I hope that we have a long cooperation in the future.”

Francis Zhang

Department Head China Operation
FM Global, China

Andreas Klippe is known from

The TOP experts in German-speaking countries.